Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) was founded in accordance with the Law no 5590 as published in the Official Journal no 7457 on 15/3/1950. The law no 5590 was abolished by the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Law no 5174 which introduced new regulations and came into force on 1/6/2004. Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges is a legal entity and a professional umbrella organization acting as a public institution and was founded to consolidate unity and solidarity among chambers and commodity exchanges, ensure development of the chambers and commodity exchanges in the general interests of the profession, facilitate professional activities of chambers and commodity exchanges, ensure honesty and confidence in the relationships among themselves and with the public, preserve professional discipline and ethics, perform the necessary activities to ensure development of the country and the economy and provide the services stipulated in this Law. TOBB is the professional umbrella organization and legal representative of the private sector in Turkey. TOBB is the umbrella organization of 365 chambers and commodity exchanges in 160 districts in 81 cities (Chambers of Trade, Chambers of Industry, Chambers of Trade and Industry, Chamber of Maritime Trade and Commercial Commodity Exchange). The short name of the association is TOBB and its headquarters is located in Ankara.

Our Group started its business life in 1972 under the name of Kalkavan Ticaret — Şadan Kalkavan by performing Shipping Line Operation and Scrap Ship Removal activities. It continued its Ship purchasing and building activities and Shipping Line Operation in the following years. Our Shipping Line Operations are still maintained by our many affiliates (partners). Total capacities of the ships in these companies are approximately 750 thousand DWT.

Also, our Group is one of the largest shareholders of Dati Holding A.Ş., which is owned by Sheraton İstanbul Ataköy Hotel, Galleria and Ataköy Marina. We built various projects on the lands that we purchased in Sarıyer in 1992, in Yeşilköy in 1997 and in Florya in 2012. We are currently continuing the construction of houses on our lands purchased in Sarıyer. Also, our zoning operations are continuing in connection with our land in Ispartakule.

Kalkavan Yapı Yatırımları A.Ş. is an important company of our Holding, which was founded by Şadan Kalkavan. In 2003, it was founded within Şadan Kalkavan Holding. It currently continues its operations as led by Nazım Kalkavan, Chairman of Board of Directors.
Hasan Sever Inc. Co., was established in the year of 1986 as a company in the construction and the contracting sector. It has possessed an important experience in the business development activities which involve the financement, construction, marketing and sale in its business model.

With its 1000 workers in total, Hasan Sever Inc. Co., has become one of the leader construction companies of Turkey by cooperating with multinational companies of the world in domestic successful projects, providing employment to 10.000 persons directly or indirectly, included in the subcontractors and solution partners.

Since the first day that we were established, we have constructed housing and structures which the security, comfort, quality and aesthetics are found together. We have designed life areas in which the green and the nature are protected as far as possible. Our target is to keep the customer satisfaction in the highest level; and to adopt not deviating from this target in our later studies, as principle.

As Hasan Sever Inc.Co, we are continuing all our activities with the framework of ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificates.

From the Past to Today.. We’ve mixed our mortar well! We’ve been built on solid basis!

We have continued our adventure which started in 1989 as Sever Construction, by putting signature on successful projects with the brand of Hasan Sever Construction in 1996. Till today, we have been experiencing the happiness of constructing housing and workplaces over 3000. With our experiences which come from the past, we, as Hasan Sever Inc. Co., are continuing our construction activities in especially the luxurious housing and commercial buildings in Istanbul.

For becoming a brand of distinction, we are thinking, working, producing day-and-night with our excitement of twenty years ago and our experiences of 20 years after… All our strength is hidden in our saying that “Yes, we’ve succeeded!” when we turn back and look to the past.
With its more than 30 years of experience, Gul Group is one of the leading companies in the construction sector. Since it was first established in Istanbul, dozens of bold, new projects of lasting value have been carried out, complementing the architectural aesthetic of the city. Gul Group has been guided by the principle of shaping new lives in Istanbul, a city that has granted life to so many civilizations, without compromising on the rich architectural detail that Istanbul is so famous for. As part of the merger between Gultas Construction and Liv Yapı, which came together in 2005, Gul Construction has continued to carry on its activities in the fields of large-scale residential complexes, business centers and shopping and lifestyle centers.

Inspired by the vision of becoming a pioneering leader in the construction sector through our reliability and high quality of service and by designing natural, environmentally-friendly living spaces for both current and future generations, Gul Construction has undersigned many successful projects, such as the Marine and Rose Marine Residence, Avcilar Park, Gunesli Park, Skyport, Otoport, Is West and Kavakli Residences.

Established with the principle of never compromising on our professional administrative structure, high-quality work and customer satisfaction and having vivified to many successful projects within a short period of time, Gul Construction has led many successful projects within a short period of time and is currently preparing to affix its signature to projects that will give new direction to the construction industry by undertaking large-scale projects.

Aware that our work does not only involve constructing buildings and shopping and business centers, we, as Gul Construction, have been building brand new living spaces without forgetting the heritage of the past nor ignoring the expectations of current and future generations.